Steve Myrland is a truly multi-dimensional leader. Part scholar, part coach, part sensei, Steve is determined to rescue the human body from our epidemic of physical apathy. His vision for "Transformational Physical Education" is needed now more than ever...  Frank Forencich Author of Exuberant Animal: The Power of Health, Play and Joyful Movement


Steve Myrland possesses excellent coaching and teaching skills as well the experience of working with youth-level to professional athletes.  His training program is result-proven and will help you achieve the physical improvements needed at the higher levels of athletics...  Mike Potenza Strength Coach for the San Jose Sharks


Training with Steve remains one of the highlights of my athletic career.  He is passionate about training, education, and performance.  As an athlete, I always knew I was going to be challenged mentality and physically in our training and my ability to be focused on the task at hand would determine what I got out of each session, cycle, and season.  Because I was committed to being a smart athlete, Steve was committed to being my coach...  Laura Macfarlane Former UW-Madison Rower;  Assistant Coach: Northeastern Women’s Rowing


Steve Myrland is the best fitness coach I have ever worked with. He was able to cater the workouts to build stamina, strength, agility and flexibility. The workouts were challenging, well balanced, fun and varied. My fitness level reached its peak in my work with Steve and helped me to reach my athletic goals. Beyond the mere physical aspects, Steve inspired me and was a pleasure to work with. He understands the psychology of training and performance... Dr. Barbara Urbanska (former UW Tennis Player – BIG-10 CHAMPIONS 1996 - 1998)


Steve Myrland is a great coach!   I first met Steve when I was playing in the National Hockey League for the San Jose Sharks during the 1993-94 season.  Steve kept me in top shape all season with his demanding workouts and stretching routines. Although I only spent one season with the San Jose Sharks before moving onto the Dallas Stars, Steve and I have remained very good friends. After my retirement in 1997 I became a personal trainer and started a business in the Boston area.  I work with athletes of all ages and abilities. Steve was instrumental in helping my business get started.  His knowledge and expertise about the physical development of athletes was so valuable to me. He helped me understand the proper progressions to follow with speed, balance, strength, and endurance workouts.  I have met a lot of great strength and conditioning coaches during my 12 year NHL career.  Steve is one of the best and I'm happy to say I am still in the personal training business today because of his help and mentoring...  Mike Lalor Coach and Personal Trainer; National Hockey League veteran (12 years); Stanley Cup winner (Montreal Canadians 1986)


Steve understood what I needed as a hockey player and helped me to be just that.  The most important thing I learned was that it's not how much weight I can push, it's about mastering my own body through balance, spatial awareness, power and learning to control it to be more efficient and stronger on the ice.  He opened my world up to a whole new realm of training and not only provided me with the best tools to be the best athlete I can be, but maybe more importantly, helped me recover from a serious back injury by taking the time and interest to make it better...  Molly Engstrom US Women’s National Hockey Team